Lactose Free Brigante

In order to meet the growing demand of consumers we have created LACTOSE-FREE BRIGANTE (with less than 0.01% of lactose) from the well-known Brigante. Its production occurs thanks to the enzymatic breakdown – and not according to the natural lactose disintegration determined by the maturation of the product – into its two main components: sucrose and galactose as well as to make it more easily digestible without giving up on milky flavor and delicious taste of fresh Pecorino.
We obtain a fresh sheep’s milk cheese, ready for tasting after only 20-25 days. It preserves the same intense milky aroma, soft texture and a sweet, refined taste. It is the perfect balance between flavor and freshness. The rind is pale-yellow, with the typical grooves of “Canestrati Cheeses” (basket-shape rind). The inside of the cheese is cream in color and soft, with few appetizing eyes.


Pasteurized sheep’s milk, calf rennet, milk enzymes, salt.
In the refrigerator or in cool place (around 4-6°C/40-43°F).
The wheel weighs about 1.5kg/3lb; it is 8cm/3.15inches high and has a
diameter of 16cm/6.30inches
Whole wheel 1.5kg/3lb | Wedges.

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