Zucchini flowers with Ricotta Pecorina Salata



INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

8 zucchini flowers
200g/7oz fresh Pecorina Ricotta Salata
1 peeled eggplant, chopped into small cubes
Sunflower oil for frying
Salt to taste. For the batter:
200g/7oz wheat flour (Italian type 00)
Cold water as required

Add the water to the flour a little at a time to form a smooth, lump-free batter. Season with salt, then refrigerate. Wash the zucchini flowers carefully and remove the pistils. Toss the cubed eggplant into hot oil for a few minutes until golden brown. Soften the Ricotta Pecorina Salata with a fork, then add the eggplant. Stuff the zucchini flowers with the mixture using a pastry bag. Dip the flowers into the batter and fry in the hot oil.stampa



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