Pecorino is a versatile ingredient and the perfect addition to any dish. Not only is it an ingredient, it is a food in its own right. Delicious eaten on its own, it also lends itself to well-paired marriages. Its role as an ingredient dates back to ancient times, and since its creation it has been used in outstanding combinations. In the second half of the 4th century BC, the poet Archestratus of Gela loved to cook with seasonal ingredients as, even then, products were thought to be at their prime during the right season. In his humorous poem “Hedypatheia” (Life of Luxury) he makes numerous references to cheese, particularly Pecorino, as an ingredient: “There are several ways and laws of preparing a hare, but it is exquisite to bring the hot roasted meat to a room of diners in good spirits, with the meat still a little rare, forcefully stripped and dripping with blood, to be eaten greedily. It is inopportune to consider other preparations made with too much cheese, oil or other grease”.
Today Pecorino is one of the few ingredients able to flavor each course, be it appetizer, first course, second course or dessert.
It can satisfy anyone’s taste, whether they are young or old.
It can be served in different ways: cubed when fresh, grated or sliced when semi or fully matured.
Pecorino is a characteristic ingredient in many first courses in Italian cuisine which have become famous worldwide: macarrones furriados, pane frattau, mazzamurru, carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, alici e pecorino.
Pecorino also has a strong identity when cooked and pairs well with vegetables, honey, jellies and fresh or dried fruit compotes.
One cannot bear the idea of meatballs, meatloaves, baked eggplants, stuffed vegetables, fresh fava beans, stewed artichokes, tomatoes, soups, sauces and croutons without Pecorino!
Finally, how could we serve simple pasta with butter or tomato sauce, lasagna, cannelloni or a quiche without garnishing it with Pecorino?

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