Pecorino and Its Culinary Pairings

Pecorino is a versatile ingredient and the perfect addition to any dish. Not only is it an ingredient, it is a food in its [...]

Pecorino Cheese in the Nuragic Age

The presence of mankind in Sardinia has left its mark since the Paleolithic Era. At that time, humans on the island hunted, fished and [...]

Pecorino as an Appetizer

When we sit down to a meal at home or in a restaurant in Italy, it is customary to be offered an appetizer. Appetizers [...]

Open a meal with Pecorino

It's commonplace, a habit in fact, to stay at home or go to the bar and enjoy a simple aperitif. It’s a simple wish [...]

Daphnis, the First Mythological Shepherd

In Greek mythology, Daphnis was the very first shepherd. Inspired by the mythical figures of previous shepherds from the ancient world, according to Greek [...]

Pòkos, Pecus

Sheep and goats were the first dairy animals; oxen were first domesticated as working and draft animals and were only later used for milk. [...]

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