Pecorino and Its Culinary Pairings

Pecorino is a versatile ingredient and the perfect addition to any dish. Not only is it an ingredient, it is a food in its own [...]

Pecorino Cheese in the Nuragic Age

The presence of mankind in Sardinia has left its mark since the Paleolithic Era. At that time, humans on the island hunted, fished and foraged [...]

Pecorino as an Appetizer

When we sit down to a meal at home or in a restaurant in Italy, it is customary to be offered an appetizer. Appetizers are [...]

Open a meal with Pecorino

It's commonplace, a habit in fact, to stay at home or go to the bar and enjoy a simple aperitif. It’s a simple wish to [...]

Daphnis, the First Mythological Shepherd

In Greek mythology, Daphnis was the very first shepherd. Inspired by the mythical figures of previous shepherds from the ancient world, according to Greek mythology [...]

Pòkos, Pecus

Sheep and goats were the first dairy animals; oxen were first domesticated as working and draft animals and were only later used for milk. The [...]

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