Fiore Sardo.

Fiore Sardo is a unique product, a scrìnium (treasure chest) of knowledge, flavor and aromas. It is undoubtedly one of Sardinia’s products which has [...]


Milk made its appearance in our diet during the first attempts to domesticate animals and soon became an important part of the Mediterranean diet. [...]

Cheese: the First Signs.

According to Greek mythology, Aristaeus, the son of the god Apollo and the nymph Cyrene, was instructed by the centaur Chiron and the myrtle [...]

Pecorino Was Much Talked of in the Roman Age.

Cato the Censor wrote that sheep’s milk had three uses: the first, in small quantities, was for religious purposes relating to sacrifice; the second [...]

How to Store Cheese

When buying cheese, it is important to consider how best to store it, particularly when it is purchased in large quantities. If you have [...]

A Marriage of Love.

Pecorino cheese and wine have much in common. They were born from the same necessity - preserving the raw material. In fact, much like [...]

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