Cheese and Literature

“Mr. Palomar's soul oscillates between two contrasting impulses: the one that aims for complete, exhaustive knowledge and is only satisfied when he has sampled all [...]


Until recently, the shepherds of Sardinia carried out various archaic practices as part of their everyday rural lives. The practice of boiling milk in cork [...]

Pecorino Romano Protected Denomination of Origin

In Sardinia there is a huge variety of Pecorino cheeses, all with different characteristics. One of these Pecorino cheeses is called “Romano” because it was [...]


Sheep in Sardinia have a vast and rich literary history, and classical authors wrote numerous documents on the subject. Sardinians have many different names for [...]

Pecorino, a Basic Ingredient in Ancient Cooking

Archestratus of Gela, the first gourmet, believed that the best dessert was prepared with Athenian cheese and Attican honey. Columella (4-70 AD) noted that, “Cheese [...]

Sardinian Cooking under Roman Rule

The history of Roman Sardinia began in 238 BC and ended in 456 AD with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Although Rome controlled [...]

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