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How to Store Cheese

When buying cheese, it is important to consider how best to store it, particularly when it is purchased in large quantities. If you have a cool and dark cellar with a constant temperature of between 10°C/50°F and 15°C/59°F, the problem does not arise and it is possible to buy whole wheels of cheese and [...]

A Marriage of Love.

Pecorino cheese and wine have much in common. They were born from the same necessity - preserving the raw material. In fact, much like grape juice, milk is preserved in a different state through the transformation, alcoholic fermentation and curdling process. Combining wine and cheese is something that must be experienced, but what is [...]

Pecorino and Its Culinary Pairings

Pecorino is a versatile ingredient and the perfect addition to any dish. Not only is it an ingredient, it is a food in its own right. Delicious eaten on its own, it also lends itself to well-paired marriages. Its role as an ingredient dates back to ancient times, and since its creation it has [...]

Pecorino Cheese in the Nuragic Age

The presence of mankind in Sardinia has left its mark since the Paleolithic Era. At that time, humans on the island hunted, fished and foraged for natural foods like vegetables and shellfish. In the Neolithic Era, humans began to take the first steps towards domesticating and farming vegetables and animals. The remains of reared [...]

Pecorino as an Appetizer

When we sit down to a meal at home or in a restaurant in Italy, it is customary to be offered an appetizer. Appetizers are light dishes, served hot or cold, and are eaten before a meal. In Roman times the main meal of the day was in the evening, when Pecorino, olives, eggs, [...]

Open a meal with Pecorino

It's commonplace, a habit in fact, to stay at home or go to the bar and enjoy a simple aperitif. It’s a simple wish to catch a few moments of relaxation and distraction, to spend time with colleagues or friends, and is also a way of whetting the appetite with a glass of sparkling [...]

Daphnis, the First Mythological Shepherd

In Greek mythology, Daphnis was the very first shepherd. Inspired by the mythical figures of previous shepherds from the ancient world, according to Greek mythology Daphnis was the son of the god Hermes and the nymph Daphne. He was abandoned by his mother at birth in a forest of laurel trees which surrounded a [...]

Pòkos, Pecus

Sheep and goats were the first dairy animals; oxen were first domesticated as working and draft animals and were only later used for milk. The cheese was first created from sheep and goat's milk and was soon given the name Pecorino. It is only recently that the word Pecorino has been applied to refer [...]


Originally the word ois, from which the Latin ovis and the Italian ovino derive, was used to denote sheep. In ancient Greek, the terms pòkos or pèkos were used for sheep and goats. In Latin they used pecus, meaning livestock, and later a more specific term: pecus ovillium, i.e. sheep. The economic significance of [...]

Pane e casu – Bread and Cheese

Pane e casu – bread and cheese is the leitmotiv for Sardinian people when their appetite is whetted. Bread and cheese have almost always gone hand in hand. Both created during the Roman Age, they came together immediately in an eternal culinary love affair. In Utopia, Plato attributes the following words to Socrates, in [...]